Add a Little Color to your Run

What’s a run without color?

This past Saturday, May 31, 2014, I participated in my first 5k run. I had the privilege to cover and participate in the ColorFunFest5k. Since, we already established that exercise is not in my area of expertise, don’t expect me to say I sprinted the whole way through. However, I did jog/run some periods of the event.

ColorFunFest5k brought its fun and color to Turner Field in Atlanta. The event held a two part run, a day and night wave. I kicked it off with the day wave starting at 7. When they say it’s a rain or shine event, they mean it. Around 6:10-6:20ish, the rain started pouring down. In my opinion, I just knew it was going to stay raining the whole time, but it stopped as soon as the race started at 7. This event is something you could do with your best friend(s), family, significant other and even your dog! With children 12 younger FREE if they are registered online, the run encourages you to bring everyone out. Runners had fun headgear, like bunny ears, alien tentacle-like things, and halos. The apparel didn’t stop there, one of the most popular articles of clothing included tu-tus and fairy like shirts. We all came here to have a good time, plus dressing up is encouraged! People designed team t-shirts and ColorFunFest5k does stress that you wear as much white as you possibly can to pick up the vibrant colors by the end of the day!

The run was very fun-loving and relaxed. This course was a lot of up, down then back around travels. A lot of cheering and laughing, people talking and making new friends. Plenty of good energy. Volunteers had the opportunity at different spots to throw color at you. My favorite color is blue, so I made sure I stopped and received a good dosage of “smurf blue”.Color stations hosted pink, red, yellow and orange. The finish line included volunteers throwing green color on you and cases of Dasani water. By the time I finished the race, my shoes had a whole new look, but I love it. (I’m not washing the color out!) From there, you could enjoy the concert and festival. A variety of food trucks were there to comfort your hunger and different little shops, where you could buy another color packet or some ColorFunFest5k gear!

I loved everything about this run! The people were open, nice and happy to be there! With high energy and great vibes, there was no way you couldn’t have had a good time. Plus, 5k really isn’t a long distance at all, 3.1 miles to be precise. The ColorFunFest5k is not only dedicated to bring people together to have a good time but, each run gives a portion of proceeds to Free Arts for Abused Children, HopeKids, and Flight For Cystitis Fibrosis.
You can find out when the ColorFunFest5k is coming to a place near you here!

5 Things You Should Just Accept

Here’s a list of 5 things you should just accept, stop fighting it. 


1. There’s not a quiet way of opening a bag of chips.

While you sit in the movie theaters and think to yourself ‘I hope no one  hears this.’, we hear it, loud and clear. Don’t drag out the noise and try to slowly open the bag in hopes of silence. That’s even more annoying. Just accept the fact that you will make a noise and that people might get it confused for special effects or just wait until a big fighting scene like something in a Transformers movie.

2. We’re getting old.

It is a blessing to age in this lifetime, but you have to admit you reminisce and think how long it has been since you graduated high school. I’m about to be 22 this year and my brother is going to be a freshman in high school. A FRESHMAN IN HIGH SCHOOL, SERIOUSLY I’M FREAKED OUT. I sit and think about how time is flying, sometimes I think I’m 60 already and my life is over. First off, you’re life is not over until your six feet under. Secondly, just accept the fact that another second has passed and make something worth while happen. Go take that road trip, stop being so macho and tell that girl how you feel, tell someone about my blog (lol), go do that 5k you’ve been talking about, be a volunteer somewhere! Just go out and do. You’re not dead.

3. The Revival of Sprite Remix

Sadly, I’ve come to terms that Coca-Cola will not be reviving Sprite Remix from the dead any time soon. But, if they did, we would all be internally grateful. We all remember this soda and if you don’t, I’m sorry friend, you probably won’t ever get to fully experience life itself. Someone mention, hashtag, tweet and all of that good stuff Coca-Cola urging them to bring back their baby. We miss it.

4. In WaHos We Trust

There are probably more Waffle Houses in the State of Georgia than stop signs. A clear exaggeration, but seriously, there are a lot of WaHos in Georgia and we don’t mind at all. We actually love it. We dig the whole breakfast is served all day thing and we understand IHOP has the same concept, but something about the All-Star meal after a successful night in the city, just makes you so happy. Big ups to the waiters and waitresses who have fun and gives us an extra slice of bacon on the sly. We obsess over the cheese eggs, my personal favorite, chicken sandwiches, and of course, their waffles. Waffle House is just perfect and Georgia loves them.

5. Otterbox Said ‘Nah’

If you were like me, you were pretty excited at the possibility of getting a free Otterbox. The price mistake happened yesterday afternoon and you could put cases under $50.00 in your cart and a special discount would make your sub-total $0.00. The site was moving extremely slow and you would have to refresh it a couple of times to get where you wanted on the site. I managed to choose a case and even get a confirmation on the site, but not a confirmation email. This morning, I did get an apology email clearing up the mistake and an exclusive one-time 20% off code. Ooo fancy. Wish they could have been like Delta and honored their price mistake. Humph.

Accepting what it is and what it isn’t makes life a little easier to deal with. So go forth open that bag of Flaming Hot Cheetos that you snuck in the movie theaters and make sure to leave the Waffle House waitress a big tip for serving you and your friends at 4:37 in the morning!


Steele Pretty Rocks Event

With the company of a fellow Panther and blogger enthusiast, Gene’, we attended 107.9’s DJ Traci Steele’s event, her 3rd Annual Steele Pretty Rocks.

The event took place on May 29, Thursday, at the gorgeous Suite Food Lounge in Downtown Atlanta. When guests arrived, they were courted by a red carpet, rope and with a customized step/repeat as your background. With different media taking pictures and getting on-camera interviews it was a great introduction to the main event. An event to cater and motivate all women, expose some new and hip fashion designers and provide networking opportunities in a great environment.

With a spiral staircase that leads you to the upstairs, a bar, VIP sections with white couches and the floor decorated with two pink runways that greeted you. The featured fashion designers, GamiliShalaja Swimwear, and Avantoooh graced their designs on the pink runway. With spikes, bright colors and lace, you would definitely find a design you’ll love.

The atmosphere was kept live and moving with the featured DJS, J. Star, Princess Cut and E, and it all mixed beautifully with the background and atmospheres. They helped set the scene and mood for all the upcoming premieres and performances. With specialty drinks at the bar, people buying bottles and being led to their party with sparklers, cheering and good conversation among the scene, it was impossible not to have a good time, meet a connection or feel empowered.

Performances graced the stage included Sincerely XO, Bad Girls’ Club Season 11 participant, Shanae Thomas and House of Payne’s own, Demetria McKinney, a singer who knows how to act. PS. After her performance of her new single, 100, she definitely gained a fan! Check out How To Be Happyer’s Instagram page to see a 15 second performance. Traci Steele got on the mic and welcomed her audience with inspirational words and closed with the turn up! Hosts included Paigion, who I took a selfie with and left with some inspirational words, Kelsey Nykole, and Atlanta’s own, Rasheeda, who welcome the guests with some motivational words for all women!

This event was one to remember! Thank you Traci and whole team, especially Felix, Carter and Tiara. My year was definitely made a little happyer!

Yoga In The Park

Yoga is intense.

In the middle of Atlantic Station, there is Central Park. If you go there anytime between 6:30-7:30 on Wednesdays, you’ll find some Yoga-ers. I just made that term up. Creative, right?Let’s say I went into this with the thought of sitting “criss cross applesauce” and saying “hmmm” for periods at a time. That was not the case, at all.

There were a variety of poses led by our instructor, including the warrior stance and the downward dog. I found myself struggling to keep my balance, my abs shaking when we did planks and I hated the fact that I had to expose my feet. The difficulty level was a little hard, but I eased my way into making the best out of what my body allow. Once I concentrated on trying to meditate and focus on nothing rather than focusing on balancing one foot, it went a little smoother. It was my first time trying yoga, however it won’t be my last.
It’s hard to determine if that day was for beginner’s, but it definitely incorporated some beginner moves. I had to tap out 20-30 minutes in because I was starting to feel light-headed. Don’t get scared. I wasn’t properly hydrated for this event. I was out and about 8 hours prior to the health excursion and failed to think to get something to eat or drink. Thankfully Zico was there providing free coconut water and regular water for the participants.


I spent the remainder of the time catching my breath and studying everyone else. There were about 20-30 yoga-ers participating, men and women, young and older. You even had a mini audience, often people stopped and glanced to see what was going on. Yoga at the Park was still very interesting. If you want to keep up with your exercise regimen, try something new, or relieve some stress, I definitely recommend you to check out this free event to help make your 2014 a little happyer.

Atlantic Station hosts Yoga in the Park, sponsored by Athleta and Exhale, every Wednesday through September from 6:30 to 7:30. In case of inclement weather, yoga will be held in Athleta at Atlantic Station. PS. Bring your own yoga mat.

Perfect The Lash

To amplify the strength of your flirty eye, the right mascara is essential. Personally, if I put on false lashes, I don’t care what kind of rinky dink dollar mascara I use to blend my real lashes with my Katy Perry falsies. However, if I’m going au natural, it is imperative to have a great mascara. I’ve tried Great LashLash Stiletto Ultimate Length and Volum’ Express Mega Plush, both by Maybelline and LashBlast Volume by Cover Girl, all have proved to be a disappointment.

But, my latest and greatest success story has and still is They’re Real by Benefit Cosmetics. After working my shift at Ulta, my former manager, who left us and moved to California (miss you Ronnie!), decided to beat my face. She filled in my eyebrows, put on glitter eye-shadow on me and finished my eye with that wonderful mascara I’m raving about. Although They’re Real is my favorite mascara, so far, it is one of the most expensive mascara. The mascara is $23.00 without tax, but worth every cent. There is minimal clumping, the length is out-of-this-world and it lasts forever!

So give your eye that extra UMPH and invest in a BOMB mascara! You will be surprised on how your demeanor changes when you have completely new lashes! So, baby girl or baby boy, go get you this mascara!

“I won’t cry for you, my mascara is too expensive”. – Adriana Lima

Below is a picture of my eyelashes with They’re Real mascara.